Aberturas Valentinuz S.A bets on the permanent challenge of finding new designs, technologies and raw materials, in addition to offering products and services of high quality and technology.

Valentinuz openings S.A. It was founded in 1977 by Carlos Daniel Valentinuz. Since its inception, the purpose is the plate making doors, sliding mortise, fronts of closets and carpentry work in general. It is based from 1,980 in Parque Industrial Gral. Belgrano, the city of Parana, Entre Rios province, Argentina, where the Industrial Plant, Commercial Offices and Administration functions.

One of the priorities of the company has been permanently positioned in the technological development and the generation of new products. The need to constantly improve quality, is a priority on the principles of the company norms. Valentinuz openings S.A has with its customers the ongoing challenge of finding new designs, technologies and raw materials, being an unavoidable commitment of the company, in addition to meeting their requirements and offering high quality and technology products and services. The use of the best raw materials plus industrial processes with automated and computer technology, provide production according to the demands of a market that is demanding more both nationally and internationally. The business strategy of Valentinuz S.A is formed on its main objective; meet growing market demand, competitive pricing, financing, quality and customer services.

    The products we manufacture are directly linked to the timber industry since a high percentage is the raw material in the production (door panels, sliding mortise, fronts of closets in different types of wood is based: pine, mdf , sabuguero, cedar). Once obtained the final product, we find ourselves strongly in the construction industry, since they become a necessary element in the completion of housing.


    Over the years the company has been expanding its coverage radius and permanently has made contact with different areas, which has led us to expand our market reaching with our products throughout the territory of Argentina.


    Valentinuz openings S.A has an exclusive department for foreign trade development, its main objective to expand international markets, meeting the requirements required by today’s international trade and adapt to all requirements that global buyers apply for.